General Assembly of the EVF

New top elected

On Wednesday morning, 31 August 2022, the General Assembly of the European Simmental Federation took place in the Parkhotel Schönbrunn.
In the presence of the representatives of all 18 member associations, there was a change at the top of the association: The long-time President Dr. Josef Kučera, Czech Republic, the Vice-President Dr. Imre Füller, Hungary and the Managing Director Dr. Georg Röhrmoser, Germany, who had been leading the EVF since 1999, retired from the Presidium.

Sebastian Auernig, Austria, was elected as the new President. He is assisted by Daniele Vicario, Italy, as 1st Vice President and Georg Hollfelder, Germany, as 2nd Vice President. In future, Dr. Johann Ertl, Germany, and his deputy Jože Smolinger, Slovenia, will act as Managing Directors.

EVF General Assembly in the ballroom of the Parkhotel Schönbrunn

Great thanks went to the outgoing Presidium members Josef Kučera, Imre Füller and Georg Röhrmoser as well as Hedwig Strobl. It was particularly pleasing that Richard Pichler, a person who was also present at the foundation of the EVF in Paris in 1961, was also present.

The afternoon was dedicated to the excursion to the Simmental cattle farms LFS Pyhra and Perschlingtalmilch, where there were also information stands and presentations by the RINDERZUCHT AUSTRIA Academy and Austrian Agricultural Cluster.

The outgoing EVF President Dr. Josef Kučera

They will lead the fate in the future: Auernig, Vicario, Hollfelder, Ertl (from left)

Richard Pichler, flanked by Josef Kučera and Johann Tanzler

Georg Röhrmoser and Imre Füller